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A Delightful Canine Adventure: 10 DOGS Book Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the 10 DOGS by Emily Gravett Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post on this delightful canine adventure and make sure to enter the giveaway!

book 10 Dogs

Book 10 Dongs

About The Book:

Title: 10 DOGS

Author: Emily Gravett

Pub. Date: September 19, 2023

Publisher: Boxer Books

Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook

Pages: 32

Award-winning, bestselling author and illustrator Emily Gravett delivers a hilarious tale of mishap and mayhem as ten dogs pursue a chain of sausage links in this early-learning picture book, perfect for anyone looking for books for 3-year-olds and up. From dachshund to dalmation, every dog wants a piece of the prize. Follow this high-stakes adventure as the scales tip from one dog with all the sausages and nine dogs with none to nine dogs with all the sausages and one dog with none. Will ten hungry dogs ever find a way to share ten tasty treats? Gravett’s playful art and clever plot twists create page-turning suspense, making this dog book perfect for repeat read-aloud fun. This charming counting book is perfect for helping young readers learn about sharing as well as how to countn to ten. Emily Gravett’s adorable dog art makes 10 Dogs just as appealing to those looking for funny dog books as it is for anyone searching for kids books for ages 3—5.


My Review:


"10 Dogs by Emily Gravett is a charming and heartwarming children's book that captures the hearts of both kids and adults alike. The story revolves around ten mischievous and endearing dogs, each with their own distinct personalities and tendencies for getting into trouble. Gravett's skillful storytelling and delightful illustrations make this book a joyful and memorable reading experience.

One of the standout features of "10 Dogs" is the relatability it offers to its readers, as it showcases the idiosyncrasies and antics of different dog breeds. The relatability factor becomes even stronger when the reader can personally connect with a dog that mirrors their own furry companion. In this case, the book's appeal is greatly enhanced for a 12-year-old reader who recognizes their dog's mischief in the story.

Emily Gravett's artistic talents shine in this book as she gives life to each of the ten dogs through her detailed and expressive illustrations. Each dog is beautifully rendered, and their unique traits are wonderfully portrayed, making them instantly lovable. Gravett's ability to capture the essence of various dog breeds adds depth to the characters and engages readers on a more personal level.

The book's simplicity is another commendable aspect. The straightforward narrative and the clear, uncluttered layout make it accessible to young readers while also allowing adults to appreciate its charm. The use of numbers for each dog provides a delightful counting element, making it an educational tool as well.

What sets 10 Dogs apart is its universal appeal. While it's targeted at children, it transcends age boundaries. The whimsical charm of the story and the adorable illustrations can tug at the heartstrings of readers of all ages. It's the kind of book that can be enjoyed together as a family, fostering a shared love for storytelling and a deeper appreciation for our four-legged friends.

All in all, 10 Dogs by Emily Gravett is a delightful and heartwarming book that captivates readers with its lovable characters and relatable narratives. Its simplicity and attention to detail make it a perfect choice for young readers, while its universal charm ensures that it resonates with readers of all ages. If you're looking for a book that celebrates the mischievous yet endearing nature of dogs and brings joy to your reading time, 10 Dogs is a must-have addition to your library.

I loved this book so much that my dog Akira and I made a fun TikTok. Follow me for more fun book-related Tiktoks @kimbartosch!


author and illustrator of 10 DOGS
Emily Gravett

About Emily Gravett:

Emily Gravett is the two-time winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal for Wolves and Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears. Her internationally award-winning picture books include Meerkat Mail, Tidy, and Old Hat. She has illustrated bestselling fiction, including Matt Haig’s Evie and the Animals and a recent full-color edition of Quidditch Through the Ages.

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a finished copy of 10 DOGS, US Only.

Ends September 26th, midnight EST.


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