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A Heartwarming Reminder: WHAT I SEE IS LOVE Book Review

Today's book review is a heartwarming reminder for children and adults, WHAT I SEE IS LOVE by Gabriella Fiorietta and illustrated by Nyrryl Cadiz, that love is all around us. This review was made possible thanks to iRead Book Tours. Be sure to read my thoughts about the book below and enter the giveaway!



My Review:


WHAT I SEE IS LOVE is a delightful children's book that warms the heart and reminds young readers that love is all around them. Written by Gabriella Fiorietta and beautifully illustrated by Nyrryl Cadiz, this book is a touching exploration of the everyday acts of love that often go unnoticed.

The story is inspired by a heartfelt moment when Fiorietta's daughter gazed at her and said, "Mom, when I look at you, I see love." This touching sentiment serves as the foundation for the entire narrative, which encourages children to recognize love in the people and moments that make up their daily lives.

One of the book's strengths is its simplicity. The narrative follows a young child's observations as they go about their day. From the caring teacher who patiently guides them through lessons to the friendly crosswalk attendant who ensures their safety, every encounter is an opportunity to see and appreciate the love that surrounds us.

The text is easy to understand and filled with warmth, making it suitable for young readers and perfect for bedtime stories. The language used is gentle and approachable, which makes it an excellent choice for parents and caregivers looking to initiate conversations about love and kindness with their children.

Nyrryl Cadiz's illustrations are nothing short of enchanting. The vibrant, heartwarming scenes bring the story to life, and young readers will find themselves captivated by the expressive characters and colorful settings. Cadiz's artwork enhances the emotional impact of the narrative, making it easier for children to connect with the message of the book.

WHAT I SEE AS LOVE is more than just a children's book; it's a gentle reminder for readers of all ages to appreciate the love that exists in their everyday lives. It encourages children to see the beauty in the small acts of kindness performed by the people around them, whether it's a friend helping with a project or a parent's loving embrace.

In a world that can sometimes seem chaotic, this book serves as a comforting and heartwarming reassurance that love is always there if we choose to see it. It's a valuable addition to any children's bookshelf and a wonderful gift to share with the young ones in your life. After reading WHAT I SEE AS LOVE, you'll likely find yourself looking at the world through a more love-filled lens, just like the child in the story.

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Thank you so much for your kind review! I am so happy you enjoyed the book!

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