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An Inspiring Tale of Art, Activism, and Family: TAGGING FREEDOM Book Review

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on an inspiring tale of art, activism, and family TAGGING FREEDOM by Rhonda Roumani Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!



My Review:


Rhonda Roumani's "Tagging Freedom" is a compelling and thought-provoking middle-grade novel that weaves together the stories of two young cousins, Kareem and Samira, across continents and cultures. Set against the backdrop of the Arab Spring, this inspiring tale explores themes of hope, freedom, and the power of artistic expression, making it a must-read for young readers seeking a deeper understanding of the world.

The story begins in Damascus, Syria, where Kareem Haddad's ordinary life takes an unexpected turn as he and his friends are inspired to become graffiti artists. Their mission: to spread messages of freedom and resistance amid a turbulent political climate. Roumani skillfully captures the urgency of the Arab Spring, and the tension and excitement of Kareem's secret graffiti campaign are palpable.

On the other side of the world, in the United States, we meet Kareem's cousin, Samira, who is navigating the challenges of adolescence. Her journey is one of self-discovery and belonging as she grapples with fitting in at school and her artistic talents. The contrast between Samira's American life and Kareem's experiences in Syria adds depth to the narrative, highlighting the impact of their respective worlds on their choices and identities.

When Kareem comes to live with Samira's family, their two worlds collide, and the novel reaches its emotional peak. The question of whether Samira will stand by her cousin's side or protect her newfound social status becomes central to the story. It's a pivotal moment of growth and self-discovery for Samira, and readers will find themselves deeply invested in her decision.

"Tagging Freedom" is informed by the author's background as a journalist, offering a realistic portrayal of how conflict and activism affect young people. Rhonda Roumani's writing is both engaging and sensitive, allowing readers to connect with the characters on a personal level. The book is filled with rich details, offering an authentic glimpse into the lives of children facing extraordinary circumstances.

Roumani's narrative is reminiscent of other middle-grade books that tackle important themes and issues, such as Aisha Saeed's "Amal Unbound," Veera Hiranandani's "The Night Diary," and Alan Gratz's "Refugee." "Tagging Freedom" is a valuable addition to this genre, exploring the intersection of art and activism with depth and heart.

In conclusion, "Tagging Freedom" is a compelling and poignant story that will resonate with young readers and adults alike. It addresses important themes in a sensitive and engaging manner, offering a window into the lives of children affected by global events. Rhonda Roumani's writing is both powerful and thought-provoking, making this book a must-read for those seeking a captivating and enlightening middle-grade novel.



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