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Book for Kids About Dogs: THAT DOG IS SOMETHING ELSE! My Skillful Shiba Inu Book Review

Today, I'm excited to review THAT DOG IS SOMETHING ELSE! My Skillful Shiba Inu by Ann G. Rusky's picture book about her dog Windry. Check out my post about this fun book for kids about dogs and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Book That Dog Is Something Else!

Book That Dog IS Something Else!

About the Book:

Title: THAT DOG IS SOMETHING ELSE! My Skillful Shiba Inu

Author/Illustrator: Ann G. Rusky

Pages: 28


This is a story about seeing the behaviors of a little dog from a different perspective. Ann has written this story about her own sassy Shiba Inu, Windry, who is as challenging as she is entertaining. Written from the point of view of her son, describing what his dog is doing compared to what he imagines she is thinking. Windry shows off all her skills as she imagines she is a sled dog, a mountain climber, a race car driver, a hunter, a gymnast, and more. Ann has illustrated this delightful picture book in two different mediums to enhance the contrast. These Illustrations were created in Prismacolor Pencils on Bee Paper Brown Recycled Sketch Paper and assorted brands of gouache on Arches Watercolour Paper. Through this 28-page, full-color, hardcover picture book, Windry will charm you. Once you get to know her, you, too, will have to say "THAT DOG is something else!”

My Talented Shiba Inu THAT DOG Sure Reminds Me of Something! My Remarkable Shiba Inu Is THAT DOG Really A Cat? My Cat-like Shiba Inu I'm Going To Miss THAT DOG! My Aging Shiba Inu Ann was first drawn to the Shiba Inu because of its fox-like beauty. But after learning about their traits and meeting a neighborhood Shiba Inu, she knew they had to have one of their own. The Shiba Inu, a Japanese breed, is known for its high intelligence, alertness, playfulness, and cat-like behaviors. Shiba Inus are extremely strong-willed and have high prey drives. They are dainty, yet bold, and are so entertaining to watch, but be aware - they are equally challenging.



My Review:

I give THAT DOG IS SOMETHING ELSE! My Skillful Shiba Inu ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

This book is such a delight to read. Your children will love the fun illustrations of Windry as she gets into trouble on many great adventures. You follow Windry on a typical day and she does some naughty things but really what does she think she's doing? My favorite pages are Windry digging under the fence but she's actually a spy and must enter a highly secure facility. I also love the page where she lifts her back end to pee on a fire hydrant but what she's actually doing is her gymnastic bar routine.

I like how the illustrations were done on brown recycled paper because it makes little Windry pop off the page (not literally😆). I also love the illustration done with Windry and of Ann's son. They're so darling and take me back to when my boys were this age.

I feel this book would be a great addition to any school classroom, or child's library, and a wonderful gift for your grandkids. Especially if they have a high, energy naughty dog like Windry.


Ann G. Rusky

About The Author

Ann G (Tarchinski) Rusky likes to illustrate things that are close to her heart. This recent picture book, "THAT DOG Is Something Else!" is her homage to the beauty of the breed and the love for their family pet. Ann has adored Windry, their Shiba Inu, for her skills and giant personality. Ann wanted to document Windry's challenging behaviors in a personal keepsake for her son, but this story will entertain us all. Ann says, "She is so beautiful to look at because of her color, silhouette, proportions and grace; from every angle she is a work of art." Ann has previously illustrated the picture book "Mac's Mackinac Island Adventure" (a story about a little horse that goes to Ann's favorite place Mackinac Island, not to work, but to have a vacation. Written by Mary Beth Vachon) She also illustrated "Picture It - Addy's Big Day". (A sweet day-in-the-life story written by Speech-Language Pathologist, Stacy Pulley, as a way to build the pre-reading skills of using 'pictures' to build comprehension.) Ann has a BFA in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. She currently lives with her husband, son, and feisty Shiba Inu in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


One (1) signed copy of THAT DOG IS SOMETHING ELSE!

US residents only, end July 15, 2023


It looks like a fun book.


Lori Powell Johannes
Lori Powell Johannes

My grandkids would love me to read this to them.


Sarah Pickering
Sarah Pickering

My daughter's godmother has a Shiba so of course she loved seeing them when we lived in Japan. Shows how accurately quirky they are.



The dog of course, books are just better with dogs


Sherry Fundin
Sherry Fundin

I love dogs and the cover is soooo cute.

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