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Book Review: "Haunted by You" by Louise Davis

Haunted by You by Louise Davis is a self-published novel sponsored by Verse Ventures Book Tours. Promoted as a psychological journey through whirlwind romance, real-life ghost stories, haunted pasts, and deceit with tragic consequences, the book's cover and description create an expectation of thrilling twists and supernatural elements. However, the real story lies in the romance between two South Carolina teens, Genevieve and Steve, making for a somewhat misleading presentation. Here's a deep dive into what this book truly offers.

Book Tour "Haunted by You" by Louise Davis

Book "Haunted by You" by Louise Davis

Title: Haunted by You

Author: Louise Davis

Publisher: Morgan James YA Fiction

Pub. Date: October 24, 2023

Formats: eBook, Paperback

Pages: 296

Preorder & Buy links: Amazon, Goodreads

About the book:

What if one accidental mistake could rewrite your future forever?

That’s the tragic dilemma two seemingly opposite, yet romantically bound teens – Genevieve and Steve – must answer if they want to explore their deep connection while saving the lives of those they love the most.

Genevieve – a quiet, high-achieving high school senior – falls head over heels for Steve – a popular, yet reclusive boy – who himself is still healing from the tragic loss of his parents. As the two watch their love blossom, Steve suddenly disappears, leaving not a clue behind.

In the midst of grappling with her love’s mysterious disappearance, Genevieve’s perfect world is unexpectedly shattered when her family is blackmailed into revealing a dark secret.

But, this isn’t just any secret. 

Because if the truth is exposed, it will change how Genevieve views her family and inevitably push them all onto an even more dangerous path. 

Set in the backdrop of charming and quaint Moncks Corner, South Carolina, Haunted By You is an intense romantic suspense that takes readers on a highly-entertaining psychological journey through whirlwind romance, real-life ghost stories, haunted pasts, and ultimate heartache with tragic consequences. 

For young adult readers looking to be kept on the edge of their seats with well-developed characters and an excitedly-rich storyline – Haunted By You will challenge readers to reconsider what’s ‘normal’, come to grips with unexpected loss, and redefine what it means to cherish the small moments in life.


My Review


Haunted by You follows Genevieve and Steve, two seemingly opposite teens who find themselves romantically entangled. The book explores their deep connection and the dilemmas they face, particularly when Genevieve uncovers a dark family secret. Set against the charming backdrop of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, the story promised a blend of romance, mystery, and psychological suspense.

The Romance

The romance between Genevieve and Steve is the heart of the novel. Their emotional journey, marked by the typical push and pull of first-time love, is well-developed and engaging. Davis captures the intensity of young love beautifully, making the romantic plot compelling and relatable.

The Thrills and Ghosts

Unfortunately, the thrilling aspects and ghost stories touted in the book's description are significantly underplayed. The promised "psychological journey" and "real-life ghost stories" are largely absent, with only minor mentions of ghost tours that Steve conducts part-time. The supposed thrills and dark family secrets lack the impact and stakes expected from such a description. Page 200 you still have no solution or idea what Genevieve's father is hiding, nor any presence of ghosts except for a cold shiver and a hand on one's shoulder.

Setting and Atmosphere

One of the book's standout features is its vivid portrayal of Charleston and Moncks Corner. Davis's descriptions of the setting are rich and evocative, effectively immersing the reader in the quaint, historic charm of these South Carolina locales. The atmosphere adds depth to the romantic elements, even if it doesn't quite support the thriller aspect.

What Worked

  • Romantic Plot: The relationship between Genevieve and Steve is the novel's strength. Their interactions and the development of their connection are engaging and heartfelt.

  • Setting: The detailed and atmospheric descriptions of Moncks Corner and Charleston add a layer of charm to the story.

What Didn't Work

  • Misleading Description: The book's cover and blurb set up expectations for a thrilling, ghost-filled story, which it fails to deliver. This misalignment can be disappointing for readers looking for more suspense and supernatural elements.

  • Lack of High Stakes: The plot's stakes revolve primarily around the romance, with little else to create tension or excitement. The "dark family secret" and other plot points lack the intensity to be genuinely thrilling.


Haunted by You is, at its core, a romantic drama rather than a thriller. Readers seeking a deep, emotional romance set in a beautifully described setting will find it enjoyable. However, those looking for a suspenseful, ghost-filled journey will likely be disappointed. A change in cover and description to reflect the book's true nature could help align reader expectations and improve overall reception.


⭐⭐⭐ (3/5 stars)

While Haunted by You excels in its romantic elements and setting, it falls short of the thrilling experience promised. The romance is good but not the reason many might pick up the book based on its current presentation. A rebranding to focus on its strengths could make it a more satisfying read for its intended audience.


About the author:

Louise Davis is a powerful, up-and-coming, young adult author who has an innate ability to instantly draw readers into her stories with her dramatic realism. By combining a commercial and accessible writing style with highly-riveting and twisting plotlines, Louise’s novels are truly unique works of literary art. Her recent book, Haunted by You, artistically showcases her wide range of writing skills, weaving in romance, mystery, and suspense all in one thrilling book. It is through Louise’s profound character development and realistic storylines that she’s able to not only entertain her readers, but also teach them valuable life lessons in the process. When Louise is not sharing her love for writing with the world, she spends her time with her five boys, husband, and various animals on their peaceful 3-acre ranch-style home near Idaho Falls, Idaho. Learn more about Louise Davis by visiting her website:


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