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Children's Picture Book About African Culture: SOSO AND THE KAKO LEAF Book Review

Gaining confidence, self-esteem & understanding of her deep cultural heritage, Soso encounters mysteries & unearths traditions that have existed long before she was born.

Today, I'm happy to be a part of SOSO AND THE KAKO LEAF by Bella Disu and illustrated by Awele Emili's book blog tour sponsored by iRead Book Tours. Check out my review of this children's picture book about African culture! Unfortunately, the giveaway has been canceled due to shipping issues.

Book cover of Soso and the Kako Leaf with jungle background


My Review:


SOSO AND THE KAKO LEAF is a lovely story that immerses readers in the vibrant tapestry of African culture. One aspect that particularly captured my attention was the vivid illustrations, which added depth and beauty to the narrative.

The protagonist, Soso, embarks on a remarkable journey to a mystical realm known as Abe Ile. This kingdom is under the tyrannical rule of Adetola, a jealous and avaricious ruler who has ensnared the entire land with a powerful curse, burying it beneath the earth. Soso, driven by the noble mission to save Abe Ile and its inhabitants, must acquire the royal sash and amulet from Adetola's clutches.

The story unfolds with great excitement, prompting me to conduct some research to learn more about the intriguing Kako leaf mentioned in the tale. However, I soon discovered, through the helpful glossary at the back of the book, that the Kako leaf is purely a figment of the author's imagination. This glossary also defines some of the native words used in the story.

The book's layout is the reason I gave it three and a half stars. While it might be acceptable and preferred in Africa to have the text and illustrations on separate pages, I believe this might pose a challenge when marketing the book in America or Canada. In these regions, most picture books typically present the text alongside the corresponding illustrations on the same page. This layout offers numerous opportunities for young readers to learn new words and concepts.

In conclusion, SOSO AND THE KAKO LEAF is a delightful story that seamlessly weaves together culture, magic, and valuable life lessons. Its charm makes it an excellent addition to any child's personal library or a valuable resource in a classroom setting.



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