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Fantasy Short Stories: TYRANNY OF THE FEY Book Review

Today I've reviewed a collection of short stories connected to the magical world of the Fey. TYRANNY OF THE FEY by Terry Bartley virtual book tour is sponsored by Bewitching Book Tours. Check out my review and don't forget to enter the giveaway below.


My Review:

I give TYRANNY OF THE FEY ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

The short stories begin with a letter from Dr. Rowena Zarin regarding the magic crisis in their world. Magic is used for everything: farming, entertainment, water, and climate control, as well as transportation. Magic is self-renewing but Dr. Zarin has discovered that it isn't renewing at the same rate as it's being used. It kind of sounds like our climate and energy crisis on Earth. I liked how the author wrote this part as letters back and forth to different leaders and government influencers warning them of this crisis. It's a great introduction to the world and you learn so much about this world through these letters.

The next story is about Asha Alistar, an Elven princess, getting prepared for an arranged marriage. She eventually runs away and goes on many adventures and quests with different Elves, Humans, and other creatures. She has many relationships with her fellow adventurers but again the author does a wonderful job tying in what's happening to Asha relates to this world.

This soon leads to Karuk Bree an Orc female, who's very aware of how she must act and be around other races, particularly humans so as not to scare them or provoke them. The Orcs and creatures like them have been treated as second-class citizens in this world again another reflection of our world and how we treat different cultures. Karuk meets a Goblin and they soon because companions and have their own quest and romance. Again, this story is tied into this Fey world and its unfortunate fate.

This collection of short stories is very well done and I love how the author combines all of these stories together. Bartley takes you to each corner of this world and shows how all species, and creatures are connected and need each other to survive. This was a great read and I highly recommend this book for all fans of Fantasy readers.


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