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Welcome to my blog! My name is Kim and I write young adult paranormal, mysteries, and thrillers. This blog enables me to share the two things I love: Books and the craft of writing.

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Finding Hope in Unexpected Friendships: A Review of 'Leave Everything You Know Behind' by Ginny Fite and Author Interview

Embark on a journey with me as we delve into the virtual blog tour of "Leave Everything You Know Behind" by Ginny Fite, hosted by iRead Book Tours. Explore the profound message of finding hope in unexpected friendships and uncover Ginny Fite's journey in writing and publishing this captivating book. Join us as we discover the saving grace of human connection and the power of resilience in the face of life's greatest challenges.

book banner Leave Everything You Know Behind


Interview with Ginny Fite

Thank you Ginny for joining us today:

  1. Tell us about yourself and how you became a writer.

I’ve been writing since I was five and my kindergarten teacher showed me how to fold a piece of paper in half, draw on the cover, and write my story on the inside pages. Doesn’t everyone make up stories when they’re young? A little later, I made my living as a journalist and communicator. But the idea of writing anything longer than 2,000 words was daunting until in my mid-thirties, I declared I wanted to write novels. I surprised even myself. It took another ten years before I tried to write one. After a few fits and starts, lots of interruptions, learning, disappointment, and practice, my eighth novel, LEAVE EVERYTHING YOU KNOW BEHIND, has been published.

2. Where did you get the idea for your book?

I woke up one morning with the words “leave everything you know behind” ringing in my ears. I had no idea what that meant, but the words followed me all day. When I Googled the phrase, I found a poem I’d read twenty years before. That had to be some kind of sign! The phrase became the title of a book as I thought about issues of identity, loss, friendship, forgiveness, and what saves us. The image of Anne hiding behind a holly bush watching Indira walk out on an icy lake as the sun rises came in a flash, and I followed it.

Your Writing Process

3. How long did it take you to write and edit your book? 

I started writing LEAVE EVERYTHING YOU KNOW BEHIND in 2018, did three drafts, ran it through alpha and beta readers, then revised and tested it by entering contests, one of which netted a reading by an agent. She kindly wrote that it was “very lightly plotted.” That set me back on my heels for a bit. My antagonist needed to be stronger, the cause and effect clearer, the action had to be the result of my main characters’ decisions. After a few more revisions, I decided the book was ready to try publishers directly.

4. What were the challenges you faced in writing your book? How did you overcome it?

I knew fairly early that the novel would be a mash up of You Before Me and Terms of Endearment. To start with, the subject of death with dignity is daunting, as are issues of family, parenting, love, and terminal illness. I read and researched a fair amount as I wrote to clarify my understanding about these issues. I needed to show as many ways of experiencing the most traumatic events in our lives as I could on the small canvas of one novel and chose many voices to tell the story. Keeping the author’s voice out of the mix is tricky; the only way I know to accomplish that is sharp beta readers and editors!

Your Road to Publication

5. So are you Self-Published, Hybrid Published or Traditionally Published? Why did you choose this route of publication?

I’m traditionally published. Frankly, this is the easier path. Self-publishing is beyond my skill set. 

6. What tips, tricks, or secrets can you give a person about the type of publishing (self, hybrid, traditional) you did? For instance, for traditionally published, did you get an agent first or did you query the publisher directly?

I’ve had two agents, but having an agent doesn’t automatically guarantee that your novel will be published. In this case, I queried my publisher directly because I had successfully published with them twice before. The only magic trick I know of is persistence. Be willing to accept rejection and keep going. Traditional publishing is a long game.


9. How do you market your book? Did you have a marketing plan? If so, what is it? 

Did you have a publicist? Tell us the route you took in marketing your book and series.

Being an introvert, and just the slightest bit divergent, I think the marketing part of publishing a book is the hardest. A website, social media, in-person and online events such as book club appearances and book signings, REVIEWS!!!, press releases to tease media interest are all part of my marketing effort to get the word out about my books. I don’t have a publicist. Word of mouth—one person telling another, “I loved this book”—is everything.

Just Wanting to Know…

7. I have several writers who follow my blog and are looking for inspiration and publication. What advice or inspiration could you give these writers?

Persistence is more valuable than talent. Never give up. There are many stories of now famous writers who suffered years of rejection before being recognized. Keep going.

Thank you for this lovely words of inspiration. Find my review and more about Ginny's book below.


Book Review


In Ginny Fite's "Leave Everything You Know Behind," readers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride through the intertwined lives of two women facing life's most challenging trials. This poignant tale explores the power of friendship, the resilience of the human spirit, and the courage to confront life's inevitabilities.

The story revolves around Anne Canfield, a determined newspaper publisher facing a terminal diagnosis of brain cancer, and Indira Anand, a young writer and teacher struggling with her own existential despair. Their chance encounter on a winter morning sets off a chain of events that will forever change their lives.

As a breast cancer survivor who has also lost a loved one to the same disease, I found myself deeply moved by the raw emotions and authentic portrayal of the characters' struggles. Fite delicately navigates themes of mortality, loss, and the search for meaning, weaving a narrative that resonates long after the final page.

What truly sets this book apart is the bond that forms between Anne and Indira. Despite their differences in age and background, they find solace and strength in each other's company, offering support and companionship in the face of overwhelming odds.

"Leave Everything You Know Behind" is not just a story; it's a testament to the power of hope, love, and friendship in the darkest of times. It's a perfect choice for book clubs seeking rich discussion on life's big questions and the beauty of human connections.

In conclusion, Ginny Fite has crafted a masterpiece that touches the heart and soul. With its unforgettable characters and universal themes, "Leave Everything You Know Behind" is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and comfort in the face of life's uncertainties.


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I like how Anne and Indira don't let anything come in between their friendship.

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