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Welcome to my blog! My name is Kim and I write young adult paranormal, mysteries, and thrillers. This blog enables me to share the two things I love: Books and the craft of writing.

Ask the Girl is my debut novel. Murdered in 1925, Kate must seek the help of Lila and her sister to save her from her demon prison.

Book "Ask the Girl" by Kim Bartosch

Do you love thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense with a little romance?

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"Isn't She Great": A Hilarious Ode to Women-Led Comedies that Transcends Time

Welcome to a laughter-infused journey through the cinematic universe of "Isn't She Great: Writers on Women-Led Comedies from 9 to 5 to Booksmart." Buckle up as we embark on a virtual rollercoaster of humor, nostalgia, and empowering narratives, all thanks to Elizabeth Teets's brilliant curation. This exhilarating exploration is not just a regular book review—it's a front-row seat to a virtual book tour, and the sponsor, Rockstar Book Tours, ensures that the ride is as thrilling as the comedies it celebrates. As you dive into the pages of this anthology, get ready to be entertained, inspired, and, of course, to enter an exclusive giveaway that adds an extra dash of excitement to this laughter-filled literary adventure. Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even win big with this hilarious ode to women-led comedies by entering the giveaway below!

Blog Tour of "Isn't She Great"


My Review


If laughter is indeed the best medicine, then "Isn't She Great: Writers on Women-Led Comedies from 9 to 5 to Booksmart" is the ultimate remedy for the soul. Edited by Elizabeth Teets, this anthology serves as a heartwarming love letter to the world of women-led comedies that have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

The book takes its cue from Teets's program series, aptly named "Isn't She Great," held at the Hollywood Theater. It's a delightful journey through the most cherished female-centric comedies, from the iconic 9 to 5 to the modern classic Booksmart. The essays within this collection serve as a testament to the enduring love audiences have for these films and the profound impact they've had on both viewers and writers alike.

Elizabeth Teets skillfully curates a compilation that explores the magic of characters like Elle Woods, the resilience of the ladies from Romy and Michele, and the timeless appeal of the working women in 9 to 5. The essays not only celebrate the humor these women bring to the screen but also delve into the deeper layers of how these characters have influenced and shaped the perspectives of talented writers.

Teets reminds us of the specific power embodied by a funny woman—someone who fearlessly laughs at the world and, most importantly, at herself. The book beautifully articulates how these comedies have played a role in making us stronger, smarter, sexier, and perhaps more adept at the famous "bend and snap." It's a celebration of resilience and joy, urging readers to go after the whole enchilada when the world offers only fragments.

"Isn't She Great" is not just for movie enthusiasts; it's a vibrant celebration for anyone who finds glamour in pink. The anthology transcends traditional boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on cult cinema and film criticism. It's a refreshing take on the enduring impact of women-led comedies, ensuring that the laughter they inspire will resonate for generations to come.

In the end, Teets invites us to revel in the transformative power of laughter, reminding us that, in a world that often provides us with only a little, we have the agency to go out and get the whole enchilada. Cult cinema and film criticism will never be the same after this delightful exploration of the magic of women-led comedies.



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