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Welcome to my blog! My name is Kim and I write young adult paranormal, mysteries, and thrillers. This blog enables me to share the two things I love: Books and the craft of writing.

Ask the Girl is my debut novel. Murdered in 1925, Kate must seek the help of Lila and her sister to save her from her demon prison.

Book "Ask the Girl" by Kim Bartosch

Do you love thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense with a little romance?

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SOXKENDI: A FAMILY OF DRAGONS: A Mesmerizing Tale of Fantasy and Adventure

Welcome to a world where magic and imagination meet! Dive into the enchanting realm of SOXKENDI: A FAMILY OF DRAGONS by Camilla Tracy. This thrilling new addition to the world of fantasy literature takes readers on an extraordinary journey filled with mythical creatures, thrilling adventures, and the unbreakable bond of family. Find out more about this tale of fantasy and adventure below and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Book Tour Banner of SOXKENDI: family of Dragons


My Review

In this captivating fantasy book, I absolutely loved how the author breathed life into each dragon character, giving them unique personalities both in their appearance and in their speech. The way they react to situations and interact with one another is incredibly engaging, making it easy for readers to connect with them on an emotional level. I was particularly enamored with the dragons' ability to transform into human form, which added an extra layer of intrigue and complexity to the story. It was fascinating to see how they balanced their dragon instincts with their human desires.

The dynamic among the siblings and their parents is nothing short of perfect in this book. The family saga that unfolds throughout the story strikes just the right balance of believability and conflict. As the siblings grow up, they find themselves torn between their own desires and the responsibilities they have to their family and realm. The struggles they face, both individually and as a unit, are incredibly relatable, and I found myself emotionally invested in their journey.

The plot of this standalone novel is driven by mysterious attacks that threaten the entire realm. As the siblings come together to unravel the truth behind these attacks, they are forced to prioritize their duty to their kingdom over their individual desires. The author skillfully weaves an intricate tale of love, loyalty, and sacrifice that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the book. I was constantly guessing who the culprit behind the attacks might be, and the suspense and tension were intricately woven into the fabric of the story.

Overall, this fantasy book is a captivating family saga with a fantastical twist. The author's ability to bring the dragons to life, along with the intricate dynamics between the siblings and their struggle to fulfill their duties, creates a compelling narrative that will keep readers hooked from beginning to end. If you're a fan of dragons, adventure, and beautifully crafted storytelling, this book is a must-read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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