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TWIN POWER: A Magical Journey of Teamwork, Education, and Twin Adventures!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Presenting today's delightful read, "TWIN POWER" by the dynamic duo Ben and Kiyanda Young, which is a magical journey of teamwork, education, and twin adventures. This engaging virtual book tour is proudly brought to you by iRead Book Tours. Dive into the captivating insights shared by Ben and Kiyanda in their guest post, "Our Writing Process and Road to Publication," featured below, alongside my detailed book review. And remember, seize the opportunity to participate in the book giveaway for a chance to win this fantastic series of books!

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Our Writing Process and Road to Publication

 by Ben & Kiyanda Young

The transition from us caring for our babies to them starting to care for themselves came faster than we expected. And yet, as you can imagine, they still needed help at times. We found a compromise between us always helping them vs. them individually struggling to achieve their goals - “Twin Power”. This call for teamwork became the mantra in the house. If a task was too big for one, Owen and Zara quickly learned to employ “twin power” to get the job done, giving rise to adorable moments of two little ones carrying a table together or supporting one another to reach something up on a shelf, amongst other things. At this same time, we became frustrated with the lack of twin-inspired books for young readers and jokingly proposed writing our own book. The idea seemed far-fetched because up until that point, our lives as busy, working parents of twins were moving at warp speed. 


Thankfully, life slowed down enough for a brief getaway in 2019, the first one without the kids! We relaxed…and wrote the book we’d only joked about before and aptly titled it, Twin Power. We intended to explore what twins are and what their special bond could be. We thought about all the things Owen and Zara do together and shared their experience by way of characters, Sebastian and Simone. Ben wrote the first draft and Kiyanda tweaked it and started coming up with illustration ideas. Though excited at the prospect of a book, until then, as physicians, we’d mostly only worked in the healthcare arena. We had no idea what to do with a book, so the manuscript sat in the notes section of Ben’s phone for a year. 


Life slowed down again, but this time due to COVID. With our newfound free time, we sought out an illustrator online and found Imre Papp, a gifted artist in Hungary. He saw our vision and created delightful depictions of our characters. We finished the book! Truthfully, we did not expect to ever sell a single book. We simply wanted to have something to read and show our kids. However, our excitement led us to share the accomplishment with Kiyanda’s sister, Shashika McLean, a Senior VP in magazine publishing, who recommended we discuss our book idea with a cousin, Tatia Gordon-Troy, a lawyer and editor. Shashika and Tatia loved the book and encouraged us to consider doing more with it. They made some edits including adding educational activities. Once we all felt it was done, Tatia (now our editor) and Shashika (now our marketing project manager) made it Amazon-ready for production. It made its first appearance on June 4, 2021. Shashika and Tatia’s knowledge of publishing and production really made the final “Twin Power” product possible.  In the midst of it all, we created Twizzler Bees Entertainment, our publishing company.

Thank you Ben & Kiyanda, what a marvelous story! I love how everything just flowed for you, your books, and your publishing journey. It's almost as if you both had PARENT POWER! Owen and Zara must be very proud of you. Learn more about TWIN POWER below and be sure to read my review!



Book Details:

Book Title:  TWIN POWER by Ben and Kiyanda Young 

Category Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  30-38 pages

Genre:  Children's Book

Publisher:  Twizzler Bees Entertainment

Release date:   June 2021

Book Description:

​Sebastian and Simone are not just brother and sister. They are twins! They show little readers some cool things they can accomplish because of their Twin Power.

Join them in their adventures to see how Twin Power and working together make being twins super fun ... and convenient.

The stories and adventures that the twins experience will show all children how to use teamwork to accomplish tasks. Through a series of activities included at the back of each book, little readers will practice memorization, counting, and matching while having fun coloring.

Twin Power Books are products of Twizzler Bees Entertainment LLC. Sign up for our newsletter and find more fun and educational activities at and feel free to reach out with questions or comments at

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My Review:


Embark on an enchanting journey with "TWIN POWER" by the dynamic Ben and Kiyanda Young, where the magic of being twins comes alive! As I delved into the pages of this charming book, I couldn't help but reminisce about my childhood desire to have a twin. The idea of having a constant companion, always by your side, seemed irresistibly cool. Sebastian and Simone, the endearing twins in this tale, brought that childhood fantasy to life, showcasing the incredible bond and endless possibilities of Twin Power.

What sets this book apart is not just its entertaining narrative, but also the thoughtfully crafted activities at the back. They're a perfect blend of fun and education, making this book an excellent resource for parents and teachers. The comprehensive questions about the story ensure that young minds engage with the material, fostering both comprehension and critical thinking skills.

The ease with which the narrative unfolds makes it an ideal tool for teaching beginning readers. The vibrant illustrations and relatable characters make the learning experience enjoyable for every child, whether they dream of having a twin or not. Moreover, the book goes beyond the realm of fiction by offering an educational touch, introducing children to the various types of twins.

Sebastian and Simone exemplify the true essence of teamwork, proving that Twin Power isn't just about having a built-in playmate but also about achieving great things together. The adventures they embark on are not only fun but also impart valuable lessons about collaboration and cooperation.

As if that weren't enough, the activities at the end of the book add an extra layer of engagement. By practicing memorization and matching, young readers can enhance their skills while enjoying the delightful world of the twins. The coloring activities make the learning experience even more immersive, ensuring that education seamlessly intertwines with entertainment.

In conclusion, "TWIN POWER" is a delightful and original tale that transcends the boundaries of a typical children's book. It's a celebration of friendship, teamwork, and the unique connection shared by twins. Ben and Kiyanda Young have masterfully crafted a story that not only captivates but also educates, making it a must-read for every boy and girl, whether they're twins or not. So, join Sebastian and Simone in their adventures, where Twin Power turns ordinary moments into extraordinary fun!


Authors of TWIN POWER Series
Ben and Kiyanda Young

Meet the Authors:

Ben and Kiyanda Young are the proud parents of an amazing set of fraternal twins, Zara and Owen. As parents, they promote individuality among their children while encouraging their twins to support and rely on one another. The special bond between Zara and Owen is what inspired the Youngs to write Twin Power, the first in a series of award-winning books highlighting the unique relationship that twins share. In addition to being Zara and Owen’s parents, Ben is a gastroenterologist and Kiyanda is a surgeon, both with medical practices in Virginia.

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