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Welcome to my blog! My name is Kim and I write young adult paranormal, mysteries, and thrillers. This blog enables me to share the two things I love: Books and the craft of writing.

Ask the Girl is my debut novel. Murdered in 1925, Kate must seek the help of Lila and her sister to save her from her demon prison.

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Time: A Review of 'Peace Tigers' by Dave Martelon and Author Interview

Dive into the complex world of "Peace Tigers" by Dave Martelon, where the boundaries of time and reality are as fluid as the ancient martial arts techniques depicted within its pages. Join us as we explore not only the depths of this intriguing novel but also the mind behind its creation. This review delves into the structural intricacies and character dynamics that make "Peace Tigers" a compelling read. Alongside the review, enjoy an exclusive interview with Dave Martelon as he shares insights from his writing and publishing journey. To celebrate this book tour, sponsored by iRead Book Tours, Dave is offering a 10% discount on "Peace Tigers" throughout this month. Don't miss out on our book giveaway as well, a perfect chance for fans and newcomers alike to discover this unique blend of science fiction and spiritual adventure.

Book Banner PEACE TIGERS by Dave Martelon

Interview with Dave Martelon, author of "Peace Tigers"

Thank you, Dave, for joining us and sharing your writing and publishing journey of "Peace Tigers".

1. Tell us about yourself and how you became a writer.

I never aspired to write a novel, so I suppose I’m an accidental author. I’m a technology executive by trade, and after a particularly grueling set of start-up adventures requiring 80 to 90-hour work weeks, I suddenly found myself in a "normal" job and my mind didn’t know how to deal with it. Witnessing the trend of separation in society, one fortuitous night, I took to the pen and the original manuscript poured out of me. Then the true work began, writing, rewriting, and actually learning to write. Astonishingly, aspects of that original draft survived to the final work, but it also evolved quite dramatically.

2. Where did you get the idea for your book?

Peace Tigers involves three subjects that have always interested me: Aikido, a Japanese martial art form, quantum physics, and world peace. The intention behind writing this book was to create bridges where I saw only divides. Ultimately, I wanted to challenge the reader on the idea society has put into our heads that self-love is selfish. We think we're following the golden rule, treating our neighbor like we want to be treated, but in truth, we treat ourselves horribly. We wouldn’t dare treat anyone like we treat ourselves—constantly judging anything that doesn’t fit societal norms and tormenting endlessly over what we could have done or should be doing to find acceptance or satisfaction. The unlock is that when we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, it opens a reserve of unlimited love and service we can provide to others, and that’s where true meaning and happiness stem from. Secondarily, I wanted young readers to start thinking below the surface where they’ll be able to solve the problems we’re going to leave them with. I also wanted to put characters in positions we don’t usually find them in. You know, black scientists, transgender monks, that sort of thing. The book follows two teenage friends resolving a community conflict. In this, they have mentors in the art and science of peace. The art is Aikido, the central premise of which is One Family—we better recognize we’re one global family with our likenesses far exceeding our differences. And the science, quantum physics, helps to logically justify that we’re all co-creating this reality. The community conflict escalates into a global conflict. Throw in an ancient prophecy and aliens, and you have the book.

Like many artists, I admit this work is not wholly mine. An external muse was surely at play. Throughout the process, I had the craziest dreams that touched the story, my research ended in too many spooky synergies to be purely random, and the people who helped me along the way felt placed there with kismet timing. This is not surprising. In the end, the central premise is simply an age-old message repackaged for an adventurous new audience and desperately needed in our time.

Your Writing Process

3. How long did it take you to write and edit your book? 

Believe it or not, this has been a twelve-year journey. And, yes, my family has been infinitely patient and supportive in this endeavor. Otherwise, it never would have seen the light of day.

4. What were the challenges you faced in writing your book? How did you overcome it?

Time. Writing is not my devoted profession, so life got in the way. I’m also a perfectionist, which probably didn’t help much. But I also believe that everything has its right timing. You have to be devoted, but this idea gives you a bit of grace. Reminding myself of this helped—don’t force it, be a partner to the work, and remember to have fun along the way.

Your Road to Publication

5. So are you Self-Published, Hybrid Published or Traditionally Published? Why did you choose this route of publication?

Every successful author I talked to about traditional publishing suggested the effort for a first book wouldn’t justify the gains. They said you’re still responsible for your own marketing, social media, etc. For me, it wasn’t worth giving up any creative control and delaying the process further. It was time to get the message out there.

6. What tips, tricks, or secrets can you give a person about the type of publishing (self, hybrid, traditional) you did? For instance, for traditionally published,  did you get an agent first or did you query the publisher directly?

That said, even if you self-publish, you’re not doing it alone. You’ll need an experienced editor. Fate presented me with three along the way, the most influential of which was Melanie Mulhall of Dragonheart ( You’ll need professional cover art, layout, and digital platform posting. Again, I was fortunate to find a phenomenal partner in Veronica Yager of Journey Bound Publishing (


9. How do you market your book? Did you have a marketing plan? If so, what is it? 

Did you have a publicist? Tell us the route you took in marketing your book and series.

We set up the traditional foundations of a website and social presence and self-promote through these channels. But we also use other avenues, such as this virtual book tour hosted by iReadBookTours (, local distribution through community bookstores, and podcast pairings via The art to this whole process is figuring out how to connect to your unique niche audience. Oh, one other thing we have going for us is that we’re turning the novel into a series of graphic novels, so we’re using that for content in marketing the book. My daughter is doing the artwork, and my father-in-law is helping with the writing. It’s been an extremely fun process and a bit of a precursor to a screenplay. Since the beginning, I’ve seen this story as a movie, and if you’ve watched the mission video, you know I’ve always believed that two individuals would be involved: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Will Smith. So, I never miss an opportunity to call for their camps to reach out. Hollywood is looking for fresh, compelling content. Let’s do this, Will and Neil!

Just Wanting to Know…

7. I have several writers who follow my blog and are looking for inspiration and publication. What advice or inspiration could you give these writers?

I’m a true believer that everyone has a book in them. More fundamentally, we all have a purpose, a reason we’ve been dropped onto this beautiful planet. First, spend time explicitly connecting to that purpose. Once you figure out your “why,” you can pull from this for inspiration whenever necessary. Second, whatever your circumstances, you’ve been given the opportunity to devote to this process, so remember to express gratitude. These two tools alone keep you from falling into desperation or victimhood, the two greatest inhibitors to progress. This work has been given to you alone. Own it, be fearless in putting in the effort, and bring it to life!

Thank you Dave for this inspiring piece of advice! Be sure to read my review of "Peace Tigers" and enter the giveaway.

During this tour, Dave is also offering a 10% off coupon for his book. Hurry! It will end by the end of this month! Get your discount by clicking here.


My Review


Dave Martelon’s "Peace Tigers" attempts to weave a tapestry of mystic traditions and sci-fi vigor, yet the narrative structure somewhat clouds its compelling essence. Set against the backdrop of a Tibetan monastery, the protagonist, Malcolm Tilden, recounts his transformation from a reluctant DC native to a pivotal force on a cosmic battleground.

Martelon’s choice of storytelling through flashbacks is ambitious, aiming to merge Malcolm’s poignant memories with the urgency of the present. However, this temporal oscillation can feel more like a narrative hurdle than an enhancement. Readers, like myself, who crave a linear progression might find this method a bit disorienting. The shifts between timelines tend to fragment the immersion, which is crucial in a story that hinges on deeply personal and global stakes.

Despite these structural challenges, "Peace Tigers" shines in its character portrayals, particularly with Aimi Ueshiba. Aimi is not merely a side character; she's a dynamic force of nature, mirroring the ferocity and wisdom of her martial arts heritage. Her interactions, infused with lessons of Aikido from her admirable grandparents, add a rich layer of cultural and philosophical depth to the tale. These elements are the real heartbeats of the story, offering moments of introspection amid the chaos.

Malcolm’s unique ability to manipulate time, introduced through the mysterious figure of the beekeeper, is another highlight. This element introduces a fascinating philosophical quandary about destiny and choice. However, the potential for deeper exploration feels slightly undercut by the narrative’s chosen constraints—Malcolm’s paths are shown but not chosen, which might leave readers yearning for more agency in his journey.

The action sequences and the integration of martial arts with spiritual teachings are deftly handled, echoing the nostalgic allure of classic "Star Wars" adventures and those old-school martial arts shows that defined many a childhood Saturday afternoon. For fans of these genres, Martelon delivers excitement and nostalgia in spades, effectively capturing the spirit of those timeless narratives.

In essence, "Peace Tigers" is a blend of profound spiritual insights and pulsating sci-fi action. While the flashback technique might not resonate with everyone, it certainly sets the stage for a narrative that is as complex as the reality it portrays. The book thrives on its vibrant characters and thematic depth, making it a suitable pick for those who appreciate a story that challenges the conventional perceptions of time, reality, and destiny.

Overall, I rate "Peace Tigers" three stars. It’s a mixed bag of exceptional character development and a challenging narrative style. For those drawn to stories that combine elements of science fiction with mystical teachings, and who can appreciate a non-linear narrative, this book might just be your next weekend read. And for the nostalgics out there, get ready to be whisked back to those old, action-packed Kung Fu movie afternoons following your favorite cartoons—only this time, the stakes are even higher, and the lessons are perhaps a bit more profound.



I enjoyed the interview.


Mike Law
Mike Law
Apr 17

This looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing and hosting this tour.

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