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Welcome to my blog! My name is Kim and I write young adult paranormal, mysteries, and thrillers. This blog enables me to share the two things I love: Books and the craft of writing.

Ask the Girl is my debut novel. Murdered in 1925, Kate must seek the help of Lila and her sister to save her from her demon prison.

Book "Ask the Girl" by Kim Bartosch

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VIVIENNE IN PARIS Book Review & Guest Post

Today's book review is "Vivienne in Paris" by Maria Castellucci Moore, illustrated by Emanuela Mannello. This is a delightful visit to the city of love alongside a Parison, who highlights the city's best spots. Also, below you'll find a guest post "What lesson will a child learn from this book?" by Maria Castellucci Moore along with Vivienne in Paris book review and giveaway!

Book Tour for Vivienne in Paris


What lesson will a child learn from this book?

by Maria Castellucci Moore

I wrote Vivienne in Paris so children could be inspired to live life more mindfully. From the incredible revelation I encountered as an adult: creating and cultivating unique joy, a product of using your five senses and living each day in greater appreciation Vivienne in Paris had to be created! Children will learn to pause and take notice of the world around them — the surrounding world that they may encounter each day will take on a new meaning with greater perspective.

Thank you, Maria, for your guest post and your book's lesson. Read my review about "Vivienne in Paris" below and enter the giveaway!


My Review


Bonjour, bookworms, and little adventurers! Let's explore the enchanting realm of "Vivienne in Paris" by Maria Castellucci Moore, a whimsical adventure that shows Paris is not only for adults.

The story introduces us to Vivienne, a sprightly Parisian girl with a zest for life that could rival a baguette's crispy crust. From the very first page, you're swept away into a world where curiosity dances through the streets of Paris, and wonder floats in the air like confetti.

The narrative unfolds like a gentle breeze, guiding readers through the sensory wonderland of Paris. Vivienne embarks on a delightful adventure, chasing the essence of what truly makes her heart tick. As she strolls through the enchanting city, you can practically smell the freshly baked croissants, hear the accordion melodies echoing through narrow alleys, and feel the cobblestone streets beneath your imaginary shoes.

Moore's writing is a delightful blend of storytelling and mindfulness. It's not just a tale about a girl in Paris; it's a celebration of the simple pleasures that make life magical. The prose dances like a waltz, each word a step in Vivienne's joyful exploration. Although the 38 pages may seem short, they pack whimsy and invite young readers (and the young at heart) to savor every moment.

The illustrations are a visual feast, capturing the essence of Paris in a palette of vibrant colors. Each page is a mini-masterpiece, and Vivienne's infectious enthusiasm practically leaps off the illustrations. It's like having a front-row seat to the greatest puppet show in the City of Light!

"Vivienne in Paris" is not just a children's book; it's a reminder for readers of all ages to find joy in the little things. It encourages us to slow down, observe, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, much like a stroll along the Seine with a baguette in hand.

As you turn the last page, you'll find your heart a little lighter, your spirit a little brighter, and maybe—just maybe—you'll be inspired to embark on your adventure, whether it's in the streets of Paris or the corners of your neighborhood.

So, grab your imaginary beret, put on your whimsy cap, and join Vivienne on a journey that will tickle your senses and leave you with a smile as radiant as the Eiffel Tower at sunset. "Vivienne in Paris" is a delightful ode to joy, and it's simply magnifique! 🥐🎈✨



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